Brian Hill

St. Louis, MO

As an experienced leader in technology, I grow and lead teams to protect organizations while enabling growth, automating processes, and reducing costs. I have a long history with the IBM midrange platform and many linux distributions.


Vice President, Technology

Precoat Metals

Precoat Metals has been a leader in the coil coated metal industry for over 60 years. You can find the results of our work on rooftops, refrigerators, washing machines, ceiling suspension systems, food and beverage cans, and thousands of other places.

  • Responsible for all Information Technology teams and activity in the company – monitoring thousands of end points, supporting thousands of users, and ensuring business continuity / disaster recovery plans are in place and tested regularly.
  • Increase visibility of Information Technology projects by implementing a steering committee to prioritize future work.
  • Evaluate and address security deficiencies of core computing platform and ERP software by implementing best practices, deleting old/unused user profiles, eliminating the use of shared credentials, and giving users only the security they need (Principle of Least Privilege).
  • Architect the modernization of a legacy platform to use RESTful APIs and microservices, standardize how and where data validation occurs, and bake in the gathering of useful business/technical metrics to help us fine-tune our software over time.
  • Migrate all on-prem servers to Azure and third-party hosting facilities.
  • Vendor management for cybersecurity services, hardware, staffing, various software packages, etc.
November 2021 - Present

Technology Leadership


Serving over 200 countries around the world with over $15B in annual revenue, Mastercard creates technology used by individuals, merchants, financial institutions and governments to process electronic payments. Mastercard also provides integrated offerings such as cyber and intelligence products, information and analytics services, identity verification services, consulting, loyalty and reward programs, processing and open banking.

  • Responsible for all Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) across 16 teams, ensuring all software being developed meets all standards.
  • Led a DevOps team responsible for research and development activities to enhance the productivity and capabilities of other teams.
September 2021 - October 2021

On Leave


My oldest daughter died unexpectedly so I took a sabbatical from work to focus on the health and well-being of my family and myself.

April 2021 - September 2021

Director, Technology

Bunzl Distribution

With more than US$8B in sales, 8,000 employees and 400,000+ items in over 190 warehouses, the North American arm of London-based Bunzl PLC (LSE: BNZL) serves the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean by providing products to food processing, healthcare providers, supermarkets, non-food retailers, convenience stores and other users.

As the Director of Application Development for the North American arm of Bunzl, I lead multiple geographically dispersed teams responsible for Application Development, QA, Application Support, Project Management and Data Communications (EDI) supporting multiple ERP systems. By increasing automation and implementing key initiatives, my teams played a key role in making 2020 a financially outstanding year for Bunzl.

  • Led the Application Development, Application Support, EDI, QA/Testing, and Project Management teams for all of Bunzl North America. My teams supported thousands of users across 150+ warehouses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean.
  • Implemented modernization measures for legacy platform to take advantage of database capabilities, integrate with Azure machine learning functions, and launch/support a Business Intelligence team.
  • Retired two legacy EDI platforms and migrated all EDI functionality to a cloud-based third party. The increased functionality and throughput resulted in millions of dollars of new business.
  • Architected and implemented changes to the primary ERP (we had over 20 in total) to enable new functionality for the eCommerce team and integration with platforms like Amazon to increase sales.
  • Doubled the number of projects completed annually by increasing team engagement, developing/implementing formal development processes and standards and partnering with business verticals to prioritize all projects across the enterprise.
November 2017 - April 2021

Director, Technology


MedData is the revenue cycle management arm of MedNax (NYSE: MD) serving over 10,000 physicians and 3,000 facilities across the United States. We provide services to healthcare entities such as eligibility determination, third-party liability, payment processing, account management and more.

As the Director of Application Development, I am responsible for the Application Development, QA, eCommerce and Data Communications teams located all around the world. I partner with other leaders to accomplish strategic goals by developing secure, robust technology solutions while meeting all regulatory requirements (HIPAA, PCI, etc.).

  • Implemented changes to address overwhelming support issues – identified and corrected recurring problems, standardized communications with users across the organization. This resulted in a 50% decrease of support issues.
  • Architected a plan for modernizing a legacy ERP platform. Created RFP, milestones, and timeline resulting in a migration from an IBM tech stack to an Azure-based Microsoft tech stack.
  • Migrated all on-prem hardware to cloud or third-party hosting facilities.
January 2017 - November 2017

Manager, Technology

Springleaf Financial/OneMain Financial

OneMain Financial (NYSE: OMF) is the largest personal installment loan company in the United States with more than 10k employees in 1200+ branches serving over 2M customers and over $13B in loans.

I lead multiple teams of geographically diverse software engineers and ensure all projects from my teams and the teams of other Application Development Managers are completed as expected in each Sprint. I work closely with our QA group to ensure software defects are corrected quickly and I liaise with our System Engineering team to ensure every monthly release goes smoothly. My teams provide all back-end services for our B2C eCommerce (web and mobile) and digital signature products.

  • Created a SaaS platform in six months to facilitate the $640M sale of 127 branches across 11 states under mandate from the Department of Justice. This had to be completed in order to finalize the $4.25B acquisition of OneMain Financial.
  • As the Release Manager, for each monthly Sprint I coordinated all interactions between the Application Development teams and the QA/Testing and Infrastructure teams to ensure all development issues were addressed promptly and all software promotions went smoothly.
  • Assisted in modernization of legacy platforms through research of alternate technologies and migration requirements.
  • Member of the Governance Committee, creating guidelines and policies to lower risk and provide consistency across the 500+ member Information Technology organization.
  • Led business continuity / disaster recovery discussions and exercises for all development groups.
March 2014 - November 2016

Systems Architect/Contractor/Web Development Manager

PAM Transportation

PAM Transport (NYSE: PTSI) is an over the road transportation company based in northwest Arkansas with over 2,000 trucks servicing the lower continental 48 states and parts of Canada.

As the System Architect and Web Development Manager, I am responsible for determining the best architecture and design for large projects. I focus on security and maintainability to determine how best each project should be split between legacy and web platforms. Integrating web services into our TMS enterprise software (ICC, now owned by Trimble/TMW) is also part of my duties.

  • Created a web development team: hired staff, deployed virtual machines for web, FTP, mail and SQL servers; created coding and documentation standards; created and tested business continuity / disaster recovery procedures.
  • Create a data warehouse for analytics and reporting.
  • Integrated data and services from multiple acquisitions.
June 1998 - present


Missouri Southern State University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science and Mathematics


  • Leadership
  • Modernization of legacy systems/platforms
  • Application Development
  • Technology Management
  • Vendor Management


I have an interest in many different areas of technology. Application development has been a passion of mine for many years and I enjoy learning new tools and enhancing my existing skills.

Outside of technology, I enjoy time with my family and creating sawdust in my garage woodshop.

Awards & Certifications

  • Member of American Mensa
  • Certified C Programmer